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Music Videos

All of these videos were made with the kindness and support of Ariana's close friends and loved ones. Each video was created to the best of the artists ability at the time, and Ariana is excited to share with you the following videos of her music, performances, and pun-heavy jokes.

You will also find videos of Ariana singing in support of other musicians and songwriters. Please enjoy listening to the work of these other artists if you enjoy their songwriting. 

2020 - Running
Live at the Piano Factory, London UK

2019 - A Bit of Fresh Air
Official Music Video

2018 - Running
Piano Factory Sessions - London, UK

2017 - "About September"
Live at the Piano Factory London, UK

2017 - "This Bottle"
Twisted Wood Guitars

2017 - "Facing West" (Staves Cover)


2016 - Norman Fields - "American Dream"
featuring Eva Foote and Ariana Brophy

2016 - "Sweet Things"
The Northern Sessions

2016 - School of Song Showcase at
Edmonton Folk Music Festival
Eva Foote, Justine Vandergriff, Sydney Mae featuring Andrea Vissia and Ariana Brophy on harmony vocals.

Dec. 2019 - "Her Name" (Live)
Sofar Sounds Edmonton, Canada

2018 - "Naked" (Live)
Do You Love Your Song? - Sherwood Park, Canada

2017 - "Running"
Live at the Piano Factory London, UK

2017 - "Outside"
Twisted Wood Guitars

2017 - The View (Single)(Live)
Prince Edward Island, Canada

2016 - "Outside" (Live)
Sofar Sounds Montréal, Canada


2016 - "Naked"
Sofar Sounds London, Ontario

2016 - "Say Goodbye"
The Northern Sessions

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