About Ariana

Born and raised in Amiskwacîwâskahikan (Edmonton, AB, Canada) Ariana Brophy is no stranger to hard work, taking chances, and using creativity as a means for connecting with those around her. As an actor, writer, songwriter, and performer, Ariana channels her independence and ingenuity into creating her own opportunities as well as spaces for others.

Ariana is the songwriting equivalent of mulled wine; sweet, nostalgic, perfectly paired with a rainy evening and a fireplace. Praised for her gorgeous vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, Ariana began her solo artistic journey in 2015, drawing upon the beautiful surroundings of her Northern Turtle Island (Canada) youth to instil vibrant images in her songwriting. Stephen Thomas, of Folkroom Records (London/Brighton, UK) praised her as “one of the [Folkroom’s] stars of 2019,” saying “Her vocals.. songwriting, and the gentle warmth of her guitar result in a wonderful listening experience [akin to] sitting alone by a freshwater lake in the waning twilight… Perfection, in other words.” Ariana’s performances celebrate the strength in fragility and—with her balance of conversational humour and tales of human pain— prove that laughter can share a stage with tears.
Ariana Brophy singer songwriter folk artist poet writer actor actress designer
Audiences across Canada and the United Kingdom have been privy to Ariana's storytelling and songwriting, including Edmonton Folk Festival (2016), Canmore Folk Festival (2015, 2016), The Works Festival (2016, 2017), and Elsted Summer Festival (2019), in addition to
two residencies at the National Centre for Folk Arts at Halsway Manor in Somerset, UK (2019, 2020), Ariana released acoustic album ‘Naked,’
as well as writing a song for the film, I Had A
King (2021). After two years living in the UK, Ariana was endorsed by the Arts Council of England in 2020 while applying for a Global Talent Visa.
 Producer, and Sound Recordist/Designer Ariana Brophy does more than just record and mix sound for films; She uses a combination of meticulously designed and recorded audio to bring stories to life in the ears of listeners. An advocate for empowerment and systemic change, Ariana’s work in film and television covers a wide range of documentary and narrative works. More information can be found on the page “Film.”Overlapping her music and  film interests, in 2019 Ariana launched FemFolk, a UK based online platform for women, trans, non-binary, and intersex folk musicians; FemFolk reviewed music, hosted events, and organised hundreds of online shows during the first months of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. 

In March of 2020, while in Canada to apply to stay in the UK, Ariana found herself stranded due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 7000 km away from London. Despite the unfortunate derailment and loss of her relationship, job, home, and creative life, she released the single “Her Name,” (I Had A King (2021 film)).

Now nearing the end of 2021, a year and a half since leaving London, Ariana is in the process of launching FutureFolk, FemFolk’s parent company, Producing  “The Matriarch”, a TV series, as well as her newest Collection; “Under the Covers & Standing By the Window”, anticipated in spring of 2022. 

Under the Covers & Standing By The Window is an interdisciplinary art piece. The album itself will be two disks, both following the two different sides of her journey, internal and external, through the Covid-19 pandemic, heartbreak, and healing. The 2-Disk Deluxe Album will be accompanied by a "Selection of Poems" from the first "Season 1: Autumn" of Ariana's 12-Year Poetry Project, "A Year."
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“An absolute musical joy, we had no idea who Ariana Brophy was this time last year - but we've been doing our best to make up for that ever since. Ariana was our star of 2019, and will continue to draw our attention as long as she continues making music as warming and gently melancholic as she's been doing so far.”

- Stephen Thomas of Folkroom Records, London, UK

"When you listen to [Sweet Things], be prepared to feel everything Ariana feels. Her ability to authentically connect and illicit raw emotion from the listener is unparalleled."

- Rhea March, March Music Inc., Edmonton

Her vocals, her songwriting, and the gentle warmth of her guitar result in a wonderful listening experience. Like sitting alone, by a freshwater lake in the waning twilight, a small campfire crackling away beside you, the moon cut crescent in the sky above. Peace and quiet. Perfection, in other words.”

- Stephen Thomas of Folkroom Records, London, UK

Ariana Brophy is a talented and capable vocalist. Her harmonies are tasteful and pitch-perfect, and she is a very sensitive listener. The combination of great parts and sensitivity to the lead singer makes her an ideal choice to sing on my songs, which come with complicated and difficult vocal arrangements. Ariana is not daunted by difficult parts, indeed she rises to the challenge and can complement many voices, perfectly.

- Kimberley MacGregor

“You could listen to about a thousand demos before you find a song as charming as “Aurora” from Brophy. This kind of chromatic singing is exceptional and extremely rare. Something about the acoustic folk sound reminds me a bit of Joni Mitchell, but really Brophy’s work stands on its own. This is a beautiful track for fans of acoustic, poetic singer songwriters.”

- Greg, Ear to the Ground Music Blog, Online

"Resplendent & haunting voice teamed with honest, topical & picturesque lyrics. Ariana Brophy has won the hearts of Edmonton art lovers."

- Phil (Music Venue Owner, Artery and Aviary), Edmonton

“Ariana Brophy is all the best parts of a strong supporting musician; Keen ear, impeccable pitch, ability to create beautiful vocal dynamics, an equal parts strong contributor and nuanced follower. It is rare you will find musicians with such skill in harmony singing who are so willing to collaborate and contribute – and even more willing to serve and honour someone else's songs and ideas. She is punctual, generous and passionate, and I am proud and grateful to have her by my side on any stage.”

- Eva Foote, Sparrow and Stone (2015) and Funeral Walking (2016)

“Gorgeous, evocative songs are Ariana Brophy's wheelhouse. Her music is perfect for the darkening of the winter months - cosy, and warm. A musical fireside to settle down beside. Ariana's second album, Naked, came out this summer, and is an absolute joy.”

- Stephen Thomas of Folkroom Records, London, UK