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Ariana Brophy is more than a Singer, Songwriter, or Sound Recordist / Designer; She is passionately working on a number of different Projects, in a variety of mediums, including:

  • Poetry

  • ​Script Writing

  • Film Photography

  • Children's Literature

  • Film and TV Production

and more...


An advocate for systemic change, intersectional inclusivity, the empowerment of women, trans, non-binary and intersex people, Ariana’s projects also encourage communication, vulnerability, and willingness to change.

"A Year"

A "Selection of Poems" from the first three clapbooks of Ariana's poetry project, "A Year".


"Season 1: Autumn" of Ariana's 14-year poetry project, "A Year" begins with books OctoberNovember, and December. Each book covers, respectively, 2016, 2017, and 2018. 

I Had A King

Set in 1971, young folk singer Lisa is visited by her former partner Dan, years after a painful separation.


The Piano Factory Sessions

A live series of musical performances and interviews, which explores the motivations behind each artist's style of songwriting.

Rowan The Wilderness Yet
All About Trees

A feature-length script for theatre.

While visiting her best friend following a trauma, a young woman experiences a truly vulnerable moment of connection with an unlikely stranger.

Forest Path
"I Had A King"
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