Ariana Brophy is the songwriting equivalent of mulled wine; sweet, nostalgic, perfectly paired with a rainy evening and a fireplace. Praised for her gorgeous vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics, Ariana began her solo artistic journey in 2015, drawing upon the beautiful surroundings of her Northern Turtle Island (Canada) youth to instil vibrant images in her songwriting. Stephen Thomas, of Folkroom Records (London/Brighton, UK) praised her as “one of the [Folkroom’s] stars of 2019,” saying “Her vocals.. songwriting, and the gentle warmth of her guitar result in a wonderful listening experience [akin to] sitting alone by a freshwater lake in the waning twilight… Perfection, in other words.” Ariana’s performances celebrate the strength in fragility and—with her balance of conversational humour and tales of human pain— prove that laughter can share a stage with tears.
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Ariana’s music has graced audiences across Canada and the United Kingdom, including Edmonton Folk Festival (2016), Canmore Folk Festival (2015, 2016), The Works Festival (2016, 2017), and Elsted Summer Festival (2019), in addition to two residencies at the National Centre for Folk Arts at Halsway Manor in Somerset, UK (2019, 2020), Ariana released acoustic album ‘Naked,’ as well as writing a song for the film, I Had A King. After two years living in the UK, Ariana was endorsed by the Arts Council of England in 2020 while applying for a Global Talent Visa.
Overlapping her music and  film interests, Ariana launched FemFolk, a UK based online platform for women, trans, non-binary, and intersex folk musicians; FemFolk reviewed music, hosted events, and organised hundreds of online shows during the first months of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.
In March of 2020, while in Canada to apply to stay in the UK, Ariana found herself stranded due to the Covid-19 pandemic, nearly 7000 km away from London. Despite the unfortunate derailment and loss of her relationship, job, home, and creative life, she released the single “Her Name,” (I Had A King (2021 film).
In 2021, a year and a half since leaving London, Ariana is in the process of launching FutureFolk, FemFolk’s parent company, Producing  “The Matriarch”, a TV series, as well as her newest collections of songs; “Under the Covers & Standing By the Window”, anticipated in spring of 2022.

Under the Covers &
Standing By The Window

Deluxe Album Coming Soon!

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Naked (Acoustic)

An acoustic album of Ariana's newest songwriting, covering her move to Montréal in 2016, return to Alberta in 2017, and life-changing move to London, United Kingdom, in April of 2018.


The View (Single)

This film is not yet released.

SweetThings (RBG).jpg

Sweet Things

Nominated for "Adult Alternative Recording" at the Edmonton Music Awards, 2016.

Ink and Water (Square)(RBG).jpg

Ink and Water

Ariana's first album, released the same year as she began to play guitar.

Nominated for "Female Artist of the Year" at the Edmonton Music Awards, 2015.