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Currently, Ariana is working on a 2-Disc Deluxe Album, titled "Under the Covers & Standing By the Window." The album, to be released in spring of 2022, boasts two parts and 15 songs. With years abroad under her belt, Ariana blends several years of jazz study with folk and storytelling influences from Scotland, Ireland, and the U.K.

A multi-disciplinary music and video project: Under the Covers & Standing By the Window is a vulnerable reveal of how one’s mental health can deteriorate when we lose our home, loved ones, and sense of self. An album in two parts, each disc will include 7 tracks, each track paired with one of the seven phases of Grief. Under the Covers uses modern jazz/folk influenced adaptations of other artists’ work, while Standing By the Window includes breathtaking vulnerability in Ariana’s original musical pieces. Through these two storytelling arcs, this album documents the artist's journey from Denial through Acceptance in grief. This Album focuses on Ariana’s struggle with, and eventual triumph over the many obstacles that she faces in living with Complex-PTSD, while maintaining her sense of identity, artistic expression, and her unique brand of feminine folk music.


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Winter Wonderland

Recorded in Montréal during the winter of 2016, this classic winter holiday song features guitar and vocals from Ella Coyes and Ariana Brophy.

Winter Wonderland (toosmall).jpeg

Under the Covers &
Standing By The Window

Deluxe Album Coming Soon!

If you'd like to contribute to the costs of this album, you can donate here.


Naked (Acoustic)

An acoustic album of Ariana's newest songwriting, covering her move to Montréal in 2016, return to Alberta in 2017, and life-changing move to London, United Kingdom, in April of 2018.

Naked copy.jpeg

The View (Single)

The View Tour in June of 2017 crossed Canada from Montréal, QC, to Charlottetown P.E.I., before travelling back through Ontario to B.C.


Sweet Things

Nominated for "Adult Alternative Recording" at the Edmonton Music Awards, 2016.

SweetThings (RBG).jpg

Ink and Water

Ariana's first album, released the same year as she began to play guitar.

Nominated for "Female Artist of the Year" at the Edmonton Music Awards, 2015.

Ink and Water (Square)(RBG).jpg
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