Ariana has performed harmonies with a number of acclaimed artists, in both live performance and recording settings. 

Minimal rehearsal time needed

Quick and efficient in recording

Accurate vocal pitch and tone matching

Reliable and consistent vocal quality

Ability to sing by ear and read sheet music

Quick to apply revisions to parts

A wide vocal range

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Ariana Brophy is all the best parts of a strong supporting musician; Keen ear, impeccable pitch, ability to create beautiful vocal dynamics, an equal parts strong contributor and nuanced follower. It is rare you will find musicians with such skill in harmony singing who are so willing to collaborate and contribute – and even more willing to serve and honour someone else's songs and ideas. She is punctual, generous and passionate, and I am proud and grateful to have her by my side on any stage.


Eva Foote, Sparrow and Stone (2015)

and Funeral Walking (2016)

When you listen to this record, be prepared to feel everything Ariana feels. Her ability to authentically connect and illicit raw emotion from the listener is unparalleled.


Rhea March, March Music Inc.

Ariana is a sensitive, experienced harmony singer

I would gladly work with any day!


Justine Vandergrift (Edmonton Folk Festival 2016)